Turkey @ D-Hotel Maris

“Where am I going?” This is what you might think going through nothing but pine forests for 1.5 hours when picked up from the airport. But then when you arrive, Oh my, Just WOW.

The D-Hotel Maris is a simply outstanding resort on a beautiful property with breathtaking views over the Aegean Mediterranean Sea. The spectacular volcanic mountain views and flair can definitely keep up with islands like the Seychelles and are a top secret address among celebrities and Turkish high society.

The property includes 5 private beaches that you have access to by a private boat shuttle operating until late at night. Guests arriving with their private yacht can anchor at sea and be picked up by private boat shuttle to experience all the hotel amenities. Alternatively the D-Hotel Maris also offers helicopter arrivals from the airport.

Rooms in elegant and sleek design with wooden décor provide super modern bathrooms and plush beds. Executive rooms and the two level presidential suite offer private whirlpools and sea view balconies.

As a breakfast lover you will be amazed by the breakfast buffet complete with an omelette station and just about every type of sweet and savory option. One of the best I have ever seen. I was literally lying in bed falling asleep thinking about what I am gonna have first in the morning from this delicious breakfast buffet.

You can treat yourself with a hamam session at the Spa or work out at the modern fitness center.  The property spreads widely so that even when the hotel is fully booked it never feels crowded, which gives a very exclusive touch and makes it perfect for everyone seeking privacy in a super nice upscale resort.

Everyones taste is served at one of the 6 restaurants at the D-Hotel including the famous Japanese Zuma Restaurant. Other restaurants offer Italian, Asian, fresh from the Aegean seafood, Turkish and Mediterranean food plus mouth watering delicious desserts. A special highlight every evening is the gathering on the hill top in which you can enjoy the sunset complete with champagne in your comfy chair while listening to classical music.

Recommend for groups of friends and couples of all ages seeking pure beach relaxation combined with a breathtaking landscape. The modern elegant hotel provides privacy, and topnotch service.

How to get there: Airport Dalaman. From there take a 1.5 hour car shuttle or 15 minute helicopter ride.

What not to be missed: the round beach bed for dreaming yourself away located at the silent beach.


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  • Hi Mareen,

    vielen Dank für die interessante und kurzweilige Unterhaltung gestern Abend im Flugzeug
    Ich schicke dir unsere Präsentation Kapstadt Restaurant-trendtour zu.
    Gerne würde ich mich auch mal über weitere social media Möglichkeiten für unsere Firma kpc unterhalten.

    Melde dich mal, wenn du wieder da bist.

    LG Eric

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