Airline Review: With Turkish Airlines in Business class to Philippines

Today I want to tell you about my flight experience to Philippines a few weeks ago with Turkish Airlines in Business class on the Boeing 777.

As I live in Cologne and most international flights go from nearby Düsseldorf or Frankfurt its always a convenient option flying Turkish Airlines as all of their international routes connect via Istanbul which means its one of the few international carrier where I can start from Cologne airport directly 🙂

So my first flight was in the evening was a smooth 3 hour flight from Cologne to Istanbul. One of the things I really love about flying Turkish Airlines even on their smaller planes in between destinations in Europe is their comfortable spacious seats that are perfect to take a little nap in. Besides the endless food options and great service on board I was excited to connect at the new airport in Istanbul and be able to try their new Business class Lounge there for the first time.

Turkish Airlines used to fly to Ataturk airport in Istanbul before opening the new huge main Istanbul airport in April 2019 where all Turkish airlines flights are flying through now.

Arrived at the new airport I was amazed how huge this airport is. It really reminds me of the spacious ultra modern airports in middle east that are very modern fancy with big screens and lots of duty free and shopping options. As I had only less than 2 hours to connect to my next flight to Manila I went to the Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge straight away as time there is usually never enough even if you have a couple of hours to explore all their amnesties.

As their lounge in the old Ataturk airport belongs to one of my favorite lounges in the world I of course had high expectations regarding their new lounge at the new airport as the lounge access is always one of the highlights when getting lucky flying business class.

There are 3 Turkish Airlines Business Class lounges at the new airport in Istanbul – 2 international ones and one for national departures. Mine was located on the second floor level from where you have a nice view over the airport chaos as well and which is a little different to the older one as this one is more open and spacious with a view also on the ground floor happenings -whereas the older lounge was more secluded giving a being inside feeling.

The lounge includes endless fresh food live cooking stations and many options of different cuisines which is the signature treat of Turkish airlines as well as entertainment areas such as a cinema, golfing simulator, an art gallery, private lockers, sleeping areas and shower rooms.

As always I didnt have enough time to try everything before I had to board my next flight but my quick stop was for sure a delicious one snacking through at the different food stands that are designed like different mediterranean buffet restaurant market spaces next to each other. I guess another reason to come back soon right :)?

My flight from Istanbul to Manila was nonstop on the Boeing 777 only going 11 hours and 55 minutes which is the fastest connection as most other airlines have a stop or two and a few hours longer flight times.

It was the first time for me flying Turkish Airlines since they launched their brand new Versace amenity kits which come in a very stylish white gold bag that I still use now as my main make up bag for trips as it has the perfect size that everything fits in and looks elegant and beautiful.

The Versace amenity travel kit includes Turkish Airlines socks, ear plugs, toothbrush and paste, hairband, sleeping mask as well as lip balm, moisturizer, hand lotion, body mist and perfume by Versace.

I had my 3 course dinner before letting the crew prepare my fully flat bed that put me straight to sleep until they woke me up again for breakfast 🙂

Being someone who can never really sleep as long as I sit straight (on trains, in cars, planes etc) the ability to lie down and stretch completely is the number one reason and advantage for me to fly business class -and being super grateful whenever I have the chance as its of course not on every job or flight- but it makes flying just so much more relaxing and you have a lot more energy after the flight.

I woke up to a fresh and warm breakfast above clouds zapped through the endless entertainment program of my favorite music before it was already time to land and I looked outside the window spotting the skyscrapers of Manila.

I only stayed in Manila one night before connecting the very next morning to the dream paradise of Palawan.

Thanks Turkish Airlines for another flight with great hospitality which was again an experience in itself again and flying me safe, fast and in most comfortable way to the Philippines.

Did you ever fly with Turkish Airlines ? Have you ever been to Philippines ?



In collaboration with Turkish Airlines *Werbung/Anzeige*


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