Air Berlin XL Seats

Fly in comfort with Air Berlins new XL seats.

We all know that feeling. Entering a plane, walking by the fabulous first and business class seats and finally seeing the emergency rows fully booked and there goes the last glimpse of hope for a little bit more space.

This feeling is history now. Air Berlin pimped their A330 with 40 XL seats offering 15cm more leg space. I tested their new XL seats on a 10 hour flight from Düsseldorf to Miami and can say the 70 Euro plus charge is definetly a good investment. Tall people will finally be able to cross their legs in economy and falling asleep is much easier when you can stretch your legs a little. Not only will you be able to enjoy your flight in more comfort, the seats are also located right in the beginning rows which makes entering and leaving the plane quicker and much more convenient. Especially on long haul flights like mine to the United States where you can face long queues at immigration, it is a big plus and saves time to be among the first passengers to leave the plane.

Air Berlins XL seats are already available on A330 planes to Miami, New York, Chicago, Abu Dhabi and Curacao. From May on Air Berlin will expand to even more new destinations such as Boston, Dallas and San Francisco where XL seats will be available as well.



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