Airline Review – With Emirates in Business class to Seychelles

Today I wanna tell you about my flight experience on Emirates business class during my trip to Seychelles. We flew from Düsseldorf to Seychelles via Dubai, the first flight was operated in the Airbus A380 which I always love to fly as taking off and landing feels the smoothest ever and the interior is super modern as all A380s are still pretty new.

In general and since years, every time I fly Emirates I am excited because its one of my favorite airlines in the world and the flight itself is such an experience especially in business class. The service already starts when the Emirates driver picks you up at your front door at home which is super comfortable especially when having much luggage and you don’t need to worry about taking trains, taxi or how to get to the airport.

And the service continues on the flight. You have lots of space in your seat and your own little mini bar with drinks, high quality headphones and of course they spoil you with food and snacks 24/7 during the flight 🙂

The food menu includes a 3 course dinner and offers something for every taste and to make your flight even more comfortable you get a sleeping kit with sleeping mask, tooth brush and toothpaste, slippers and a matrass for your seat before turning your seat into a fully flat bed so it feels like a bed up in the air and you can sleep like a baby 🙂

To me the fully flat beds are the number one advantage of flying Emirates business class especially on long distance flights or when you have a busy schedule right after landing simply because of the fact that you are just so relaxed and fit when you have the ability to sleep relaxed during the flight and you can stretch your legs which is especially helpful when you fly a lot.

Every time I fly Emirates I think oh they have this and this movie you always wanted to see so lets watch it but then I get soaked up in their endless music collection they have in their ICE entertainment program (usually I always listen to the UK number one hits starting from the 90s until now and fall asleep during half of it and then the flight is almost over :D)

I took my mum on this trip and of course she absolutely loved it and was impressed with all their amneties. We had some drinks and chats with other passenger at the legendary bar up in the sky, which is located in the back of the plane and a place where you can enjoy some snacks and drinks, or chill on the sofas and enjoy the view above the clouds. By the way, the Emirates A380 also has the famous showers on board for first class passengers, in case you got curious now what its like to fly first class on Emirates you can read my review here.

Landed in Dubai I of course had to show my mum the Emirates Business Class Lounge as its one of my favorites in the entire world. First thing she noticed is that its huugeee and has a ton of food corners with all kinds of cultural cuisines and a new healthy food corner, two spas where you can get treatments, a shoe polishing service and sleeping areas.

Time flies quick in the lounge and our connection flight to paradise was on the brand new B777 which they completely redesigned and I loved the all crème modern look which was inspired by a new sports car with crème leather interior. The business class on the B777 is designed in a 2-2-2  seat layout which is different to the 1-2-1 one at the Airbus A380 where everyone has direct aisle access. Also the seats are equipped with arm rest personal mini bar and the industry biggest flat screens of 23 inches.

I also loved the mood lighting on the plane with the colors of the ceiling changing according to the local time and the famous Emirates stars on the ceiling which is the unique StarLight by Emirates feature which you will only see on their fleet. And its pretty amazing to wake up in your bed in the sky and looking up to a ceiling of stars isn’t it ? 🙂

We approached beautiful early morning Mahe full of sunshine with an incredible week waiting for us and I was once again reminded how beautiful our planet is 🙂

Thank you Emirates for another incredible flight experience and incredible service as even as we missed our return flight due to bad traffic they were super helpful and managed to rebook my mum on the next flight 🙂

I recommend Emirates Business class for all business travelers, honeymooners, special occasion travelers, couples, families with kids and everyone seeking a special flight experience with the extra wow factor.

Did you ever fly Emirates ? How did you guys like it ?

XX Mareen 🙂

*ANZEIGE/AD In collaboration with Emirates*

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