Tchibo Summer Travel Edition

Summer is just around the corner and Tchibo pimps the season with their new summer travel edition that is in stores now and also available online here.

The Tchibo summer essentials include everything from travel equipment over beach outfits to summer accessoires to make your next vacation perfect.

Who doesn’t know the feeling, you are getting excited for your next trip and find yourself running around from shop to shop trying to find a new cosmetic bag, see a nice bikini that is already sold out in your size and oh yes you lost your travel pillow, where do you get a new one now ?

The Tchibo travel edition includes many different items even security locks, suitcases and tents and offers everything for a quick lastminute buy online before escaping to a sunny holiday.

My personal highlights from the collection are the pool floats. As some of you might have noticed in my travel videos, I am a true poolfloat lover, whether you chill with your inflatable pool pet on the open water or integrate them at a little pool party with your friends, they make every trip even more fun! I received many emails about pool floats by you asking where to get some cool ones, as most floats are from the U.S. and can get quite pricey with shipping to Europe.

So here they are. The Tchibo Ice cream pool float and the chocolate donut float are not only cool designs but also very well priced and with 12.95 Euro each a real bargain. They are packed the way that they fit into every little suitcase and I was lucky to test the items for you before the launch on my trip to Greece and had so much fun with it. I also love the triangle bikini set in pastel colors together with the matching multi style pareo that can be used in 3 ways as dress or skirt and is perfect for a walk on the beach or when it gets a little windy. The pastel colors rly pop out with a little tan 🙂

And for the ones who are ready for vacation now, Tchibo also offers a special holiday deal to Mauritius this week.

Below you can find some pics of my favourite items of the Tchibo summer travel edition.

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