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When someone asked me years ago what I have on my bucket list I would have never guessed that these dream visions of my bucketlist that I filled with so much passion would become my paycheck one day.

Today this remains a key part of what I am doing every single day and this bucket list is constantly being edited, updated or changed once I tick off something off that list.

I remember during my studies I  worked just to save up for another ticket somewhere and got a nervous feeling when I saw a good offer to a place I badly wanted to see at a travel agency. I have a constant desire to soak up the world, getting to know new people and cultures and learning about life.

Today, social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube are my search platforms to get inspired for new places. Do you know that moment when you look at a pic on instagram and feel like you want to pack your bags immediately to travel there?

A recent study by Hilton Hotels & Resorts has revealed that travellers nowadays don’t just look for the ordinary, they seek more, new experiences and love to try out new activities when it comes to travelling. With the world becoming more and more globally and digital connected, traveling to destinations far away became a lot easier and more common compared to years ago.

Therefore Our Stage, Your Story created a platform to inspire you to plan your next travels by creating visual bucketlist moodboards that you can share with others. A hotel brand like Hilton Hotels & Resorts for example, with so many hotels in every corner of the world, offers something for every taste whatever you might have on your bucketlist. As being visually creative is very important for my work, I love new platforms that give insight to new places and empowering people to realize their dreams.

On Our Stage, Your Story you can search for locations or category groups of travels and find new visual places that inspire you for your next trip available to add to your personal vision board.

My dream was always to visit a tropical island such as the Maldives or Seychelles and to swim with dolphins there in the open ocean. And I will forever remember that moment when I stepped out of Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa  right into the white sand looking at this crystal clear turquoise water and jumping off a boat to swim with the dolphins. Dolphins are such friendly creatures and their skin feels so soft; ticking this experience off my bucket list put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Another trip that I had on my bucket list for quite some time was driving the Highway 1 in California, which I did just some weeks ago and was the highlight of my last California trip. Incredible mountain views along the coastline awaited us after we had left the Parc 55 San Francisco, which was our starting point doing the 9 hour roadtrip to Los Angeles. Wherever you are, a Hilton is never far away and each is different.

I like the variety in types of hotels at Hilton Hotels & Resorts as they offer lower priced city hotels like the Parc 55 San Francisco  but also amazing beach resorts like the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa in Tahiti.

I believe that the most valuable things in life are all the moments we experience during our life, all these beautiful moments that we keep on a private memory card in our heads and carry within ourselfes forever. This is what we are at the end of the day, a combination of all our experiences drawn together. And I believe that all you strongly visualize becomes reality.

Are you dreaming of seeing the northern lights? Or of doing a safari? Would you love to do a skydive over Australia’s impressive landscape or do a bungee jump from Cape Towns famous bloukrans bridge?

​What do YOU have on your bucket list ?

Life on this planet can be short. Do all the things you love, start planning and follow your

dreams and passions. The time is now.

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