How to create the perfect selfie

Every time I travel, especially to high frequented tourist places like times square in New York for example, you can not count the amount of selfie sticks anymore you see on people surrounded by you.

The latest then you realize we live not only in a social media oriented world but also in a selfie world, whether you are taking a quick selfiefor instagram, facebook as a private memory with your friends or just to send your mum a quick hello from somewhere in the world on whatsapp.

So how to create the perfect selfie ?

A recent study by MeinTrendyHandy revealed that the majority of selfies are actually updated on facebook instead of Instagram which would have been my guess. The article here gives a guidance about the perfect selfie tricks and lists the following key aspects to consider when taking a selfie:

 The rule of perspective

Your phone has a way to show a 3×3 screen showing you 3 lines which can make it easier to position your face central on the pic with enough space below and above your head.


The classic selfie is the symmetrical one that has the face in the middle of the pic. If you use many selfies in your profile you can spice things up if you position your face assymetrical showing your face just from one side or with your head slightly bended.


Cut irrelevant parts of the pic by bringing your pic to a quadratic shape. This is especially useful for instagram as the app always shows your pics in quadratic shape to others in the preview.

 Tell stories

I think we all agree- nothing is more boring than a profile just of plain selfies of someones face in front of a white wall. Remember through social media people look into your life and want to see what you are up to, so take your friends and audience with you and tell your stories of life through your pics. Maybe upload a selfie from a funny situation, amazing places or a fun bday night with your friends 🙂


For me one of the most important aspect when it comes to taking pictures in general. Lighting can make such a difference on pictures and colors so make sure to use natural light for your perfect selfie and make sure that your face is not too dark.

The right angle

Experiment and play around until you find the right angle that highlights what you want to show. If you are standing on a high building you might need to take the pic from above your head or alternatively from down up in case there is a big building behind you 🙂

Pimp your phone

You can easily pimp your phone with some extras that make selfies even more fun. One way you probably didn’t know before is that you can also use your back camera instead of your front camera for selfies simply using headphones and pressing the volume + button to take a picture. Alternatively you can buy an external remote controller. My fav extra tool are smartphone objectives that can change the overall perspective of your camera to wide angle mode for example which are fun and give your pictures a completely different look again.

Edit your pics

The MeinTrendyHandy article outlines exactly the two apps that I use daily to edit my pics as well. Snapseed and Vsco. With these two apps you don’t need anything else. I love the variety of filters in vsco and snapseed for highlighting certain areas of the picture in case a shadow makes part of the pic too dark.

My personal advise especially for taking pictures on travels and adventures is – do always pack a power bank 🙂

MeinTrendyHandy offers a wide range for selfie sticks, powerbanks and extra tools that will surely help you to create the perfect selfie 🙂

Besides the given tips the camera quality of your phone is important too. As some of you know I am a big fan of the new Honor 9 that is always packed in my bags when I travel. The phone has the best in depth function and camera I have ever seen on any phone and the colors turn out amazing too 🙂

I hope these tips help you to improve you pics 🙂




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