All Time Favorite Desktop Preset Pack

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The All time Favorite Desktop Pack– is a combination of my 10 favorite and most used Lightroom Desktop presets thoughout the world that will make your photos pop in magical colors in every location. Whether its holiday beach photos, botanical jungle/forest pictures or city/landscape shots or simple selfies with friends that you would like to edit to frame it as a gift for a friend or loved one- the All time Favorite pack gives you 10 different Presets that are all you need to transform your photos into a dreamy scenery with just one click on your desktop.

The pack comes with a detailed installation guide that only takes 5 minutes to install the presets on your desktop and it also includes my top editing tips that will be sent to you after payment together with the presets.

The All time Favorite Desktop Pack includes the following presets:

Rose touch: This preset is probably the one that I used the most throughout my feed as it makes everything more colorful. It works great with flowers and makes the colors really pop creating a light pink shimmer across the entire photo which creates a dreamy vibe. Works great all types of photos ( I use it a lot for beaches, food pics, city shots and everything else where I want to create a little extra magic atmosphere.

Retro Vintage: The vintage preset is a cooler preset set with lower temperature highlighting tans, blues, greens and whites. I use this preset a lot with green landscape background like my photos from Philippines, Bali or Maldives as it creates a tropical vibe that always reminds me of Jurassic park and a magazine like edit. For a perfect result adjust the temperature slightly for a perfect result.

Sunrise: Works best to make every sunrise or sunset even more beautiful emphasizing yellow orange and pink colors.

Santorini white: Increased amounts of whites the santorini preset looks amazing with white blues.

Tropical: My tropical preset highlights blues and aquamarine sea colors and makes colors pop. Looks great with ocean, beach and summer photos.

Summer: Highlighter and adding an amount of sun and Glamour to your photos for an extra wow summer effect.

Greece: The Greece Preset I used a lot in my photos from Mykonos and Santorini because it It creates a brighter shiny background that looks perfect with whites, colorful elements, food as well as on portraits.

Bali:  Faded greens and milky blues that create a paradise look to every photo. Can be used for giving all photos with amounts of green (forests/jungle/garden) that certain Bali touch to it – I also love the Bali preset on beach and pool photos

Sunset beach: Creates dreamy golden orange pinkish sunsets, higher contrasts and gives a romantic finish to your photo.

Maldives: Flashing blues with a saturated breeze of contrasted sun and tropical greens will turn your every photo into a paradise version.

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