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My second time in Thailand brought me to Phuket, the biggest island of Thailand. Mountains, exotic beaches, rice curries, markets, island hopping and of course, a lot of sun.

As many associate Phuket with touristy beaches,  I wanted to show 3 different properties away from the crowds which I will present to you with some more tips what else to do when in Phuket in the next days here on the blog, today starting with the Twinpalms Phuket.

The Twinpalms resort located in the west of Phuket, located around 30 minutes away by car from touristy Patong was the first of my 3 selected hotels in Phuket. It was exactly how I expected it to be: small, very modern, boutique like in contemporary design with affordable prices. Surin beach is on the other side of the street which kept me skeptical at first as a beach lover but its really just a 3 minute walk away. The beach is public where you can find several bars for some evening drinks as well. However the pool which is the center of the hotel is very charming, surrounded by many palm trees and its calm atmosphere so that it was quite tempting to relax there especially after such a long flight. The rooms which are located on two story bungalows are all located around the pool area and come with minibar, open bathroom with bathtub and a terrace padio. The Twinpalms Phuket offers little extras in service such as you can pick your flowers, scent for the rooms and pillow thickness on arrival, additionally they offer a complimentary thai fruit tasting every afternoon. It’s a nice hotel for couples or a group of friends who prefer small stylish boutique hotels with great service as their homepoint to return to, after a day out in the hustle and bustle of busier parts in Phuket.


What else to do:

Freedom beach: Probably one of the nicest beaches in Phuket, Freedom beach is a little tricky to get access to but once you are there – oh wow. A white sandy beach, endless palm trees and the purest turquoise water await you. We took a tuk tuk right to freedom beach, where they drop you on a mountain. From there you walk down many steps for about 15 minutes before you reach Freedom beach. Alternatively you can take a boat directly from Padong beach, which they charge with around 40 dollars for a ten minute boat trip. So if you like it a little active I would recommend you to walk as the little hike also countains beautiful views on the beach bay.


See the second hotel tip for Phuket and excursion tip tomorrow on here




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