*Xmas calendar special * Win the HONOR 8 smartphone of the year

It was in august in Paris when I noticed the Honor 8, the new lifestyle brand of Huawei phone the first time and was amazed by its shiny glass look design from the beginning after its launch. I remember sitting at the airport trying to get familiar with all the functions of my new phone when a stranger sitting next to me asked me if it’s the new Honor 8 smartphone and if I already tried the camera functions.

Since then the Honor 8 has been a great travel friend for me being a photography assistant on all my travels for some very simple reasons. The integrated camera functions equal those of a DLSR which can be very heavy to bring to all of my adventurous destinations like up on mountains or when you hike for example. Its much easier to store my Honor 8 in my bag sometimes instead of a heavy camera when the result of the picture is close to the same.

The Honor 8 comes with dual cameras a 12 mega pixel camera and a 8 mega pixel front camera for selfies. You can adjust the iso settings and lighting manually, you can even take crystal clear pics during the night and change the autofocus afterwards to highlight certain areas of the picture.

All editing lovers will be amazed with the Honor 8 as it comes with its own integrated beauty mode. Besides lightning and contrast, the Honor 8 has many beauty functions allowing you to reduce beauty flaws such as pimples or uneven skin areas. Even though I am not a big fans of editing yourself in pictures too much conveying unrealistic impressions, it can be a nice helper to reduce dark eye circles when taking a picture after a long flight or highlight certain areas when in bad light conditions all directly on your phone.

Another big plus for all charging addicts like me is the batterie power of the Honor 8. With other phones you see me constantly connected running from one electricity plug to the next or connected to a power bank as apps such as snapchat take a lot of batterie. The Honor 8 batterie lasts 1,5 days and comes with a speed charging mode.

What also makes the Honor 8 the perfect phone for travelers is also its dual sim card option allowing 2 sim cards or one sim card and one micro sd card. Be available for calls and text on one number and use the data internet service of another local card when abroad – makes it easier to stay in touch with your friends and family wherever you are in the world without having to change sim cards all the time.

The fingerprint scan technology allows fast usage of tools and the shiny glass design comes with a transparent cover so you keep the shine of the phone while also protecting it.

The Honor 8 is the smartphone of the year for all travelers and photography lovers. This is why I am super happy for all of you to get the chance today to win this amazing phone on my Christmas calendar 🙂 In order to win head over to my instagram channel and follow the instructions.


Good luck to all of you and happy traveling to the winner 🙂

Xx Mareen


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