Dubai @ Al Maha Desert resort & Spa

After being curious about this place between Dubai and Abu Dhabi for quite a while now I drove one hour into nothing but desert and was excited to finally reach the gates of the famous Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa.

As private cars have no access to the desert you and your luggage will be picked up by hotel Range Rovers at the gate from where it takes another 20 minute drive through sand dunes before you reach one of the 43 luxurious desert tents, all with private pool overlooking pure desert.

So one might be wondering what you do all day long in the middle of the desert? You relax. And you watch the gazelles and oryxs stop by your pool. For all of you who like it more active, every person has 2 complimentary activities per day offered by Al Maha including falconry, archery, desert tours, camel trekking, wildlive drives, horse riding, dune bashing, nature walks, private desert picnics and sunset gathering.

A place of serenity and tranquility with beduin vibe for all nature lovers. Perfect for special occasions and weekend escapes.

What not to miss:

Dune bashing, which is my favorite activity at Al Maha lets you drive up and down wild sand dunes up to 300 meters high.

A dinner with specialities of arab cuisine at open air restaurant Al Diwaan. My favorite here, the sweet pastry dessert called Om Ali.

A signature treatment at the timeless Spa which will let you indeed forget the time.





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  • Dear Mareen:

    I enjoyed reading about your time at Al Maha in Dubai. I’m writing a novel that takes place in different cities in Europe, the Near East and the Middle East. Though I have spent a fair amount of time in Dubai, I’ve never been to Al Maha, and wanted to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind. I won’t bother you now, but will wait to hear if you’re okay with that.

    (By the way, you can look on on LinkedIn or google me and should see that I’m both an author and documentary filmmaker.)

    Thank you.


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