Antigua @ Galley Bay Resort & Spa

There are so many amazing places on this earth but no place has ever touched my heart like the Galley Bay Resort & Spa Antigua.  Somewhere on a tiny island in the nowhere of the virgin atlantic ocean this little private bungalow resort has made it to be my favorite spot in the Caribbean.

It is far away from the known luxury hotel settings and provides a completely different approach to luxury which is exactly what gives the resort its unique charm. I remember sitting, literally for hours in my chair staring at the beautiful ocean and just clearing my mind. The ocean has a way of giving you such inner peace. There is no way you could not be completely in love with life at this little peace of heaven.

The owner and hotel management go out of their way to make their guests happy. It is an exclusive and private property embedded in tropical gardens offering beachfront bungalows. You will wake up to nothing else then the singing birds and the sound of the waves before you step out onto your private beach terrace to welcome the day with such a beautiful view. Indeed if you are not aware of the existence of this little gem I doubt you would ever
find your way there. The 2 restaurants of the hotel are directly on the beach offering a great variety of seafood. Try my favorite coconut cake as well as their fresh juices and smoothies, my favorite being the fruity Galley Bay Special. As a beach lover I was amazed at the 365 beaches this little island has to offer, simply a different one for each day. A perfect place for jet skiing and watersports away from the crowds.

Just a 20 minute cab ride away you will find the city center of St. Johns. Here you will find local shops, markets and little restaurants.The people of island are so hospitable and treat you with such kindness.

For a cozy afternoon lunch with a view I recommend Cecillias Highpoint Cafe which is the cutest little spot I have seen on the island. The place is named after the Swedish owner Cecilia who lives in the restaurant bungalow directly on the beach. She transformed her home terrace into a beach restaurant offering delicious food such as pasta, fish, crepes and desserts.

It is the peoples warmth and attitude that will connect you to this island in a very unique way. Once you have stepped into their world you will catch yourself wondering what your island friends are doing these days.  The Galley Bay Resort & Spa is a perfect getaway for couples and beachlovers who want to spend some relaxing time far away from the crowds. Perfect for lovers, honeymooners or when you just need some time out of this world.




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