Tahiti Bora Bora & Moorea Dreaming

Tahiti has been a destination on my bucket list for quite some time, so I was super excited to be invited by Tahiti Tourism on their global blogger trip some weeks ago. 20 travel blogger from 12 countries flew all around the world to experience the tropical destination together. One thing I love about traveling is meeting people with a similar mindset on your journey and on this trip I had so much exploring Tahiti with Brooke and Alyssa 🙂

I flew from Paris with Air Tahiti Nui via Los Angeles to Papeete, the main island of Tahiti. And yes the journey of 24 hours was long. But the good thing is, flying with Air Tahiti Nui is the fastest and most convenient way to get from Europe to Tahiti as the plane just stops in LA to get fuel and then continues straight away to Tahiti. I flew into Paris already the evening before and stayed at an airport hotel which I would recommend to make the journey a little more relaxing 🙂 The exotic paradise feeling starts already on the plane of Air Tahiti Nui, where your seats are equipped with all turquoise pillows and sleeping masks, the cabin crew wearing dresses and flowers in their hair and you can hear the sound of tropical music :-).

We arrived in Papeete in the evening and were welcomed at the airport by dancing locals receiving flower greetings which reminded me a lot of Hawaii 🙂 In Papeete we stayed the at the Le Meridien Tahiti for 2 days and explored the city of Papeete and also the beautiful landscape of Papenoo Valley by 4 wheel which was my favorite activity on this island. Most people traveling to Tahiti just stop in Papeete to connect to other islands and miss out on the beautiful area of Papenoo valley with its many untouched waterfalls and beautiful mountains. So if you plan your trip and have some spare time, you might want to add a day in Papeete to explore the area. You can find and book the Papenoo tour we did here 

The next day our group was split into two groups, mine was flying to Bora Bora, the other one to Rangiroa. In Tahiti all the small islands except Moorea, which can also be reached by boat from Papeete are only accessible via plane. Depending on how many islands in Tahiti you are planning to visit it will be cheaper to get a 3 island pass directly with Air Tahiri here as individual flights can get pricey depending on the time of your trip.

We arrived Bora Bora airport after a 50 minute flight, from where you take the boat to your hotel. We stayed at the  Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa and were lucky to enjoy amazing views from our overwater bungalows. The first thing I noticed when arriving in the hotel in Bora Bora is the color of the water. I have been to a few paradise places but Bora Bora water is shining in the most clear and powerful turquoise I have ever seen. The other magical thing about Bora Bora is having this dream water with the overwater bungalows but the amazing mountains and nature in the background. It is an absolute dream location for honeymooners and lovers of water sports as you can swim with sharks, manta and sting rays, scuba dive and rent jetskis and paddle boards. As we were a bit unlucky with the weather I tested the Spa of Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort twice and the polynesian massages there were amazing. The entire vibe of the hotel  is more traditional using a lot of wood textures and furnitures. If you want to check out the mainland of Bora Bora which you reach from the hotels after a 10 to 15 minute boat ride, don’t forget to book a dinner at La Villa Mahana, which is pricey but currently the best restaurant in Bora Bora making delicious combinations such as mashed potatoes with banana – yes sounds weird but is super delicious 🙂

Our next island was Moorea, which was another 40 minute flight from Bora Bora. We stayed at Sofitel Ia Ora Beach Resort that is beautifully located on the beach with overwater and garden bungalows. I somehow fell in love with Moorea already after we arrived. The island is small and can be surrounded by car in less then one hour with no main town but little local shops on the side of the streets. It has beautiful beaches and a landscape that reminded me of Jurassic park. We went up magic mountain with quads from where you have beautiful views, saw banana trees, flowers that close at night and of course- waterfalls again 🙂

I also learned how to make my own frangipani flower bouquet for my hair from a local family which is a traditional thing to wear embracing the culture of Tahiti. In general the Tahitian spirit, called the mana, was very impressing. Tahitians embrace nature and everything that happens in all its facets, have a great appreciation and positive perspective on life.

I will be back to Tahiti very soon to show you some more of this paradise 🙂

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