Island hopping Greece Second Stop: Naxos

The second island we visited during our island hopping trip for Discover Greece was Naxos, the biggest island in the cyclades. We took a ferry with Seajets from Mykonos which took about 40 minutes. On the Seajets webpage you can see the route of all ferries, most of them going daily which was how we planned the entire trip beforehand and selected all the islands we wanted to see.

Arriving at Naxos port I already missed the Mykonos flair a little as Naxos conveys a much calmer and more family oriented vibe. But I fell in love quickly with our hotel the Naxian Collection Luxury Villas & Suites which didnt feel like a hotel at all but more like being at a private house of friends. The lovely owner Maria doesn’t only share my love for pom pom dresses but as the wife of the governor of the island also has the best tips for what to do on the island. Naxian Collection villas  are all bright and modern in bohemian style with the highlight of having your own steam shower and outdoor pool. They have an excellent kitchen my favorite being the prawn pasta and therefore count famous cooks such as Anthony Bourdaine among their guests. The long beach of Plaka is a 5 minute drive away. I felt so home at this hotel that Naxos remains special in my memories because of this unique place and the wonderful people running it.

In Naxos town make sure to stroll down the cute alleys and walk up to the castle. Enjoy a coffee at the bar next door on their 360 degree terrace offering the best sunset views over the port and town. For all candy lovers make sure to visit Soocre candy store and get to see how they produce their homemade candy.

We also went on a boat trip with Actionseaze to Koufonisia, an island that has crystal clear turquoise water and the most exotic beach lagoons around Naxos.

If you like to go on a cultural journey in Naxos you can visit the pottery in the village of Damalas and continue to Chalki where the traditional citron liqueur of Naxos is produced.

Naxos is a great destination to combine relaxation with cultural activities, recommended especially for families and couples.

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