Crete @ Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas with Landrover

If you are looking to have the ocean in your living room, Daios Cove Luxury Resorts & Villas is the perfect spot for you. All of the 300 cliff villas overlook the private bay of Mirambellou in the northeast of Crete. The hotel opened 2010 with modern architecture, state of the art spa and 2 exquisite gourmet restaurants and to top it all off friendly and helpful staff. Crete as the biggest and most southern islands of Greece presents this hotel gem for relaxation and friends getaways from the crowds.

 How to get there:

Fly to Heraklion, from there it is a one hour drive by rental car or hotel shuttle to Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas.

 What else to do:

As a special offering the Landrover adventure tour is available to book for Daios Cove guests only from June. You can chose from 6 different day routes which invite you to drive adventourous offroad routes through untouched mountain landscape, or they will take you on a luxurious camping day where you will be sleeping on cocomat hotel bed matress in a little bay on the beach, cook with locals and dance to traditional Lyra sounds away from civilization. I tried all of the 6 tours and every day of the tour is different and offers a great way to explore the island and meet locals.

 What not to miss:

MO shop with its three shops in Crete is my favorite place to shop in Crete. Find colorful dresses with playful elements and beautiful tuniks from all over the world.

Explore the charming little streets and Voulismeni lake of the local little village of Aigos Nikolaus 20 minutes by car from Daios Cove.

Taverna Giovanni in fisherboat village Plaka is a traditional family owned oceanfront seafood restaurant with 50 years history whose daily fresh fish assortment made it a cozy evening dinner choice and insider spot for celebrities.


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