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Lombok is one of the bigger islands around Bali that attracts tourists for its green landscape, mountains and volcanos. Even though the island is in its initial stages of tourism and much less crowded than Bali, Senggigi where the boat arrives offers accommodation from cheap to high end which brought me to the lovely Qunci Villas, a wonderful little villa resort right on the beach that should not be missed when visiting Lombok. The rooms come beautifully designed in traditional balinese style combined with modern arty details and open air bathroom and shower. Comfy treehouse poolbeds, two open air restaurants, a spa and an infinity pool by the beach make Qunci Villas a hidden getaway spot for couples and families who like to treat themselves in calmness for some days.

How to get there:
Speedboats from Bali take 1 hour and 20 minutes.

What else to see:
Malimbu Hill point for beautiful sunset views over Lombok and the three Gili islands.

The natural exotic beach of Pandanan which is 15 minutes by car from Quinci villas.

Mount Rinjani volcano trekking for all adventure lovers who have a bit more time on the island.

Batu Balong hindu temple on a rock by the ocean.



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