*Xmas Calendar Special* Win 2 Sets of Fittea

Being a tealover myself I always like to find new brands and tastes of tea and recently discovered the products by Fittea. I usually drink tea in the morning with my cereal breakfast, on the plane with milk and sugar and also love a cup of tea in the evenings especially during winter times.

In the last months you see so many tea brands on the internet promising you to lose weight, does it really work ? The answer is no. Just beaucse drinking a special sort of tea will not make you lose weight at all. But the Fittea detox for example helps me after long flights when your stomach can be bloated. This is when I usually enjoy one of the Fittea detox variations, not for losing weight but because I like the taste and it feels like a healthy add on for my body. I feel more energized throughout the day.

It is also a great start in the morning if you add a little fresh lemon juice and honey to kickstart your metabolism. These are little tricks you can do besides a balanced way of eating in case you are still looking for a delicious tea to integrate in a healthy lifestyle.

My favorite one is the inner balance tea by Fittea which is very fruity and you should know by now that I like all things sweet 🙂 All ingredients by Fittea are natural and you can even book monthly tea packages to always get a nice variation every 4 weeks 🙂

The tea sets are also a great gift idea as they have many different ones and come together with a stylish to-go thermo bottle or a bamboo wood bootle, which is how I usually enjoy my tea when on the way to the gym.

I am happy for you to give away 2 Fittea tea sets in my christmas calendar today so you can get convinced by their healthy and delicious tastes 🙂 Head over to my instagram channel and follow the instructions to have a chance to win. For all others, you get 15 percent on all their products with the code “mareenxmas”.

Good luck and happy tea drinking 🙂





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